"The human genome is the physical substance of things hoped for, the scientific evidence of things unseen." - Georgia M. Dunston, Ph.D.


Whole Genome Science Foundation (WGSF), Inc., is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation, formed in December 2014 to articulate a 3rd millennium vision for the Global Genome Generation (G3) Great Commission. WGSF, Inc., views the human genome as the quintessential model of a personalized, owner-operated corporate entity for manufacture and functioning of the human body. As the product of LIFE, the human body is made to manifest the glory of the Creator God, for such a time as this in the history of western science and human evolution. Emergence of the 3rd millennium G3 Great Commission is on time, on point, and on purpose in proclaiming the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) of The Human Genome Kingdom Within, as authentic intelligence modeling of eternal LIFE for: a) transforming ‘big data to knowledge for wisdom’ in solving big problems of life in society today, and b) demonstrating the laws of LIFE encoded in the human genome for healthy living as whole persons: spirit, soul, and body. The G3 Great Commission tagline is ‘good science for better service to diverse publics’ in one global human genome family.


The mission of WGSF, Inc., is to accelerate and advance truth-based community education, engagement, and empowerment for living in the fullness of LIFE as whole persons in community, with purpose rooted in whole genome identity. With truth as the ultimate construct for good science, WGSF, Inc., supports competitive, cutting-edge research on the science of the human genome as a dynamic living information and communication system. With sequence variation as the fundamental characteristic of the genome, WGSF, Inc., supports technology driven, DNA sequence-based, state-of-the-art research on the genome as a living, hierarchical, dynamic information and communication system, encoding and expressing the laws of LIFE for the whole person: spirit, soul, and body, at all times and in all places. The G3 Great Commission theme is: “DIVERSITY: More than a social imperative, but a universal law of life”.


The goal of WGSF, Inc., is to support vision-led thinking, speaking, and being; employing STEM-based approaches, grounded in principles of the most advanced life sciences, to demonstrate the magnificent creative power encoded in genomic information dynamics expressed in human identity and population diversity. WGSF, Inc., asserts that the science of the human genome displays authentic intelligence (AI) of the Creator God, encoded in human identity and expressed in population diversity. Moreover, as humanity’s shared inheritance, the human genome is designed and engineered to communicate the living WORD of life, FROM: LIFE, eternal | THROUGH: Life, personalized in the genome | TO: life glorified in human beings | FOR: life on earth as it is in heaven. The G3 Great Commission endgame is to ‘go and tell the story’ of the human genome legacy of LIFE’s journey in time, through humankind, from the quantum to the cosmos.

About Us

The Whole Genome Science Foundation, Inc., was created as a private foundation to further research, teaching, training, service, and community education, engagement, and advocacy in the area of whole genome science.


"The human genome story is an African story of human origins, migrations, adaptations, transformations, and liberations of the bodies, minds, and souls of humankind."


Core Tenets

  • The human genome is the quintessential gift of LIFE.

  • The genome is the ultimate ‘experiment of nature’ in biological adaptation.

  • Our inheritance of life and human identity is encoded in the genome.

  • There is nothing more empowering in life than a sense of purpose.

  • Purpose is rooted in identity.

  • Identity is the seed of destiny encoded in the whole genome.

  • Life is an expression and experience of what is believed to be the TRUTH.

  • To know LIFE is self-discovery and to know self is LIFE eternal.

  • Self-discovery is the ‘pearl of great price’.

  • Knowledge is power, but wisdom is supreme.


“The human genome is a dynamic information and communication system that encodes both systematic and creative aspects of being.”